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Winter Equipment

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Alde G13 Antifreeze 1 Litre

Alde now overs its own Antifreeze for Alde heating systems in caravans and motorhomes. This antifreeze is a premixed glycol which is suitable for use down to -37°C.


This lavender scented mini-moisture trap is ideal for use in small spaces such as bathrooms, wardrobes and cupboards in caravan's or even at home.

Moisture Collector

Ideal for Caravan and Motorhome owners, the Kilrock moisture trap is ideal for use where dampness is a problem. The Kilrock moisture trap can be left in the van for up to 8 weeks before it needs emptied and refilled. The trap comes with a pack of crystals meaning it's ready for instant use and will work immediately when the crystal bag is opened.

Moisture Kontrol Krystals - Various Sizes

Resealable bags of crystals for the Original Streamline moisture trap. Available in 500g or 2.5kg sized bags.