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Colourworks Glass Egg Cup

Attractive glass egg cups from Kitchencraft. These glass egg cups have a coloured silicone ring that helps hold eggs safe and snug.

Coolmovers Hi-Ball Glass - 300ml

The Coolmovers stylish hi-ball tumbler is perfect for use by children and and for all occasions whether they be indoor or outdoor dining, parties or picnics.

Coolmovers Hi-Ball Glass - 540ml

The Coolmovers stylish tall hi-ball glass looks like glass but is made from durable polycarbonate making it virtually unbreakable.

Colourworks Tumbler - Set Of 4

Set of four virtually unbreakable melamine tumblers featuring the Colourworks colours. Ideal for use during outdoor dining and picnics, or for use by children.

Coolmovers Wine Glass - 300ml

The Coolmovers stylish wine glass looks like glass but is made from durable polycarbonate making it virtually unbreakable.

Eau Good 800ml filter bottle

The Black and Blum Eau Good water bottles use binchotan active charcoal filters to reduce the amount of chlorine in water and to balance the pH.

Ice Bear Ice Cube Tray

The Black and Blum Ice bear is design at its best. Simple to fill, simple to empty, simple to use.

Acrylic Double Walled Wine Cooler

Bar Craft clear acrylic wine cooler with a contrasting polished silver rim and base. Stylish for use directly at the table to keep chilled wine cooler for longer.

Aladdin Aveo Water Bottle

Featuring a trendy print design, the Aveo water bottle from Aladdin is a super stylish water container which has a 0.6 litre capacity and is made from BPA free material.

Aladdin Bento Lunch Box

Perfect for taking lunch on a day-trip or to work, this Bento lunch box from Aladdin is the perfect container for hot or cold food, whether it be dry or liquid

Stainless Steel Flip Top Bottle Stopper

Bar Craft sure seal flip top stainless steel bottle stopper, to create an air tight seal using an easy locking mechanism. Keeps wine fresher for longer.

Aladdin Chi Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Chi water bottle is a stylish stainless steel water container that can hold 0.7 litre of liquid. Available in Green Fern or Blue Water Drop.

Aladdin Classic Insulated Mason Tumbler

A classic mason jar with an iconic design, the Classic Mason tumbler from Aladdin is perfect for cold drinks or for on the go.

Aladdin Papillon Salad Set

The Papillon salad set from Aladdin comprises of a main bowl container with a lid and a smaller detachable container ideal for carrying salad-dressing or to contain a topping or snack.

Aladdin Papillon Tumbler Cup

An environmentally friendly water container, the Papillon tumbler cup from Aladdin is made from recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable.

Box Appetit

The Box Appetit is a fantastic new lunch box from Black + Blum. Closer to a ceramic bowl than your normal food container and with better functionality.

Waiter's Friend Corkscrew

Bar Craft classic style waiter's friend corkscrew, so called by its traditional restaurant use. Completely compact, this all in one corkscrew also features a crown top bottle opener, and a foil cutter knife, that fold inside one another for convenient storage.

Wrap Around Silver Wine Cooler

Highly versatile Bar Craft bottle and drinks cooler. Using adjustable velcro fastenings the sleeve simply wraps around to fit any type and size of bottle, can, or carton to chill it in under five minutes.

Lunch Pot

The latest addition to our growing Black + Blum lunch-box range and is the perfect vessel for carrying your lunch or breakfast to work or on a day-trip.


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