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Hitchlocks & Wheelclamps

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Alko AKS 2004/3004 Hitch Lock

The Alko Aks 3004 hitch lock has full TUV approval as well as a Sold Secure Gold rating. It can be fitted hitched or unhitched. The Alko Aks 3004 hitch lock comes complete with the alko safety ball.

SAS Fortress 2 Sold Secure Gold Hitchlock

The SAS Fortress 2 hitch lock for the Alko Aks 3004 has been independently tested and awarded Sold Secure gold status. The lock has a unique deadlock action and anti-drill protection for extra security.

SAS Defender

The Defender for SAS is a sold secure 'gold' rated wheelclamp and is also insurance approved. The Defender fits both steel or alloy wheel rims up to 18" in size and 275 size tyres.

SAS Supaclamp Duo Gold Wheel Clamp

The Supaclamp Duo Gold wheel clamp is rated as Sold Secure Gold and can be fitted to both steel and alloy wheels. The Supaclamp duo gold is supplied with three keys.

SAS Supaclamp Duo Silver Wheel Clamp

The Superclamp Duo Silver is an insurance approved and sold secure 'silver' wheel clamp from SAS. The Superclamp Duo Silver fits on to steel and alloy wheel with 10" to 15" rims and up to 225 size tires.

SAS Supaclamp Duo Wheel Clamp

The Superclamp Duo is an insurance approved wheelclamp from SAS. The Superclamp Duo fits on to steel and alloy wheel with 10" to 15" rims and up to 225 size tires.

Milenco Lightweight Wheelclamp

This lightweight wheelclamp from Milenco is ideal for protecting your trailer, boat, caravan or motorhome from theft. The wheelclamp is very easy and quick to fit and will fit virtually all 12", 13", 14" and 15" wheels.

Alko Safety Ball

A replacement safety ball from AL-KO. This safety ball fits inside the caravan or trailer coupling mechanism of Al-KO couplings or stabilizers and when locked in place by a hitch lock it prevents unauthorized towing.

ALKO Premium Hitch Lock

AL-KO Security Devices provide a substantial deterrent against the theft of the caravan and the stabiliser. Designed to lock over the coupling handle, and enabling the stabiliser handle to be lowered, the hitch lock can remain on your vehicle even when towing.

ALKO Secure Wheel Lock - Compact Kit

The ALKO Secure is the most secure anti-theft device available for a caravan, it is Sold Secure Diamond Standard and insurance approved which may discount your caravan's insurance*.

Milenco Wraith Wheel Lock

The New Milenco Wraith Caravan Wheel Lock has been designed and engineered to far exceed the Sold Secure Gold Standard. Designed to be simple to fit, whilst achieving uncompromising security for your caravan.