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Floe Touring Caravan Drainage Kit

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Floe Touring Caravan Drainage Kit

The Touring caravan drainage kit from Floe is available in three fittings depending on what is fitted to your caravan. More Details »

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At the 2012 Practical caravan awards the Floe drainage system was recommend as the best accessorry.  It is a simple answer to a problem that occurs to most caravanners at some time, frost damage.  The Floe Drainage system uses a unique adapter to allow the user to connect their caravan to a compressed air source.  By closing all the taps you can build up pressure in the water system to a maximum of 15psi, open the first tap to relaease the pressure and any water in the sytem will come out the tap.  Simply repeat the process for every tap but allows finish by repeating the process on the first tap.

The Floe drainage system comes in three types depending on the inlet socket on the caravan:-
  1. Whale
  2. Truma/Carver Crystal II
  3. Truma ultraflow pistol
This EditProduct when used correctly will reduce the risk of frost damage to your caravans, taps, water system and water heater, however, if used incorrectly it may cause damage to the system.  

Please watch the dvd enclosed with each kit before use and follow the instructions closely, DO NOT OVER PRESSURISE THE SYSTEM, THIS WILL RESULT IN DAMAGE.