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Caravan & Car Care

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Extra Long 3 Section Brush

The Extra long 3 section brush has an excellent reach for those difficult spots on your caravan, it measures approximately 4'8"(146cm) when closed and extends out to a massive 11'1"(340cm). It of course has a flow thru' shaft and super soft bristles.

High Viz Vest - Adult Size

A high visibility fluorescent yellow vest with reflective waist and shoulder bands from Brookstone.

High Viz Vest - Family Pack

A pack of 4 high visibility fluorescent yellow vest with reflective waist and shoulder bands from Brookstone.

Jumbo Sponge

A super absorbent jumbo surface area sponge for effective cleaning with minimum effort

Leather Chamois

This high quality wholeskin genuine chamois leather is ideal for washing your car, boat or caravan.

Alaska F1 Premium Activebrush

The Alaska F1 Premium Activebrush has a unique active valve system, which draws 120ml of water into the water chamber in one second. During the wash, the F1 Premium Activebrush evenly releases the water for 20 seconds giving a superbly efficient and careful clean using 90% less water than a hose.

Alaska F2 Telescopic Dip & Wash Brush

A superior quality telescopic brush with built in water reservoir. Ideal where you don't have access to a hose!

Awning Rail Brush

A very useful cleaning tool for cleaning awning rails on caravans or motor homes.

Condor Caravan Door / Entrance Mat

Green entrance mat for the caravan with plastic bristles ideal for trapping campsite dirt, grit etc from shoes.

Eurolite Beam Converters

These easy to fit headlamp adaptors are a MUST HAVE for driving in Europe and fit ALL types of Headlamp and are suitable for all vehicles and ALL types of headlamp design.

Fenwicks Black Streak Remover 1 Litre Spray

Fenwicks black streak remover out performs other EditProducts on the market for activity, biodegradability and the fact that it does not contain any harmful ingredients (thats why there is no hazard-warning symbol).

Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler 1 Litre

Bobby Dazzler is a unique finish not just for caravans and motorhomes, but also for cars, lorries and vans. Bobby Dazzler is used in the rinse off water to provide a protective coat, that enhances the shine that is already there.

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner 1 Litre

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner is a definite favourite with the customers of Duncan Caravan and Camping, it has been our best-selling caravan cleaner for many years.

Fenwicks Motorhome Cleaner 1 Litre

Fenwicks Motorhome Cleaner comes in a handy one litre bottle and the concentrated formula requires only two capfuls of cleaner per five litres of water.

Fenwicks Overwintering 1 Litre

Overwintering is formulated to protect caravans and motorhomes during winter storage. Its unique formula protects against algae, mould, fungus, airborne pollutants, acid rain and bird lime.

Fenwicks Towball Cleaner - 200ml

Fenwicks Towball Cleaner is a fast action, no fuss cleaner for your towball.

Fenwicks Windowize 50ml

This handy 100ml tube provides enough Windowize to tackle the windows on a caravan, motorhome or boat, a little goes along way. When applied by hand, Windowize will remove scuff marks caused by trees as well as minor scratches caused by dirt, grit and manufacturing processes.

Gecko Dashboard Pad - Original | Various Colours

Inspired by how the gecko can walk on seemingly any surface, the Gecko is a very useful pad that can be stuck anywhere on any smooth surface. It holds your mobile phone, glasses and other small objects firmly in place, even during rough conditions! Holds without glue or magnets, leaves no stains or residue and is easily washed with warm water!


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