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Grundig HD12v Freesat Receiver Grundig HD12v Freesat Receiver
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The Grundig GUFSAT01HD Freesat TV receiver not only transmits programmes and channels delivered by the Freesat TV service, it also transmits the newest HD channels too. Once you've hooked this Grundig TV receiver to your satellite TV connection, you'll have instant access to a wide range of free-to-air TV and radio stations, with no subscription fees to pay. You'll also get access to other feature…
Maxview Coax Flylead 2 mtr Maxview Coax Flylead 2 mtr
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Maxview Coax Cable connects from an 'F' outlet plate to allow picture and sound to transfer between aerial outlet to TV or Radio Equipment.  This cable is compatible with all satellite system. With its flexible heavy duty outer casing it prevents cable damage. Connectors: Nickel plated make coaxial connectors. Impendance 750hm Cable Diameter 5mm Cable Length: 2m
Maxview Precision 55cm Satellite with Twin LNB Maxview Precision 55cm Satellite with Twin LNB
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Maxview Precision 55cm Twin LNB Satellite kit The Maxview precision MXL012/55TWIN satellite kit makes setting up your dish as easy as possible and every aspect of the setup has been taken in to account. This twin LNB version is compatible with decoders which allow you to pause live TV. Where possible Maxview have made the precision as easy as possible to set up. The tripod comes with a built in le…
Maxview Remora 40 Satelite Kit Maxview Remora 40 Satelite Kit
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The Maxview Remora is a 40cm single LNB satellite dish which uses high strength suction mounts to attach the unit to any vertical surface on tour caravan or motorhome. • Easy set up, only 3 main parts and no tools are required for assembly. • The high strength suction mount will adhere most smooth vertical surfaces     for quick, easy non permanent set up. • Pre-fitted level indicator aids with co…
Vision Plus 420 Digital Aerial Vision Plus 420 Digital Aerial
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The Vision Plus Image 420 aerials have given directional antennas the same look and design often found more on roof top caravan aerials. The Image 420 is not just all looks and no substance; the powerful computer designed antenna array provides performance normally associated with much larger antennas. This is our best-selling model in the Vision Plus directional aerial range. MAST IS NOT INCLUDED…
Vision Plus External TV & Satellite Socket Vision Plus External TV & Satellite Socket
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This Vision Plus external socket is fitted to the outside of your caravan to allow the easy connection of an external aerial or satellite dish. This version of the external socket has twin connections which will allow a satellite and aerial cable to be connected at the same time. The hinged cover protects the connections from the inclement weather and the socket comes complete with 5 metres of coa…
Vision Plus F to F Coupler Vision Plus F to F Coupler
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The vision plus F to F connector is used to join two F connection (as used on most satellite dishes) cables together. Vision Plus easy find satellite systems come with approximately 10 metres of cable, but in the unlikely event that this is not enough an extension could be added to the lead by joining a second cable via an F to F connector. #
Vision Plus Flat Window Cable Vision Plus Flat Window Cable
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Vision Plus Flat Window Cable allows customers who are opting for a portable satellite system for their caravan or motor home. Some new model caravans and motor homes have an external satellite socket, but for those who don't, then the F to F flat window cable is just what you need. This is a flat co-axial cable with an F connector (satellite connector) at each end, which can be placed through you…
Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Bracket Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Bracket
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The Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Bracket will allow you to attach your aerial mast, satellite pole or rotary airer to the jockey wheel on the caravan. The bracket is very easy to put together with oversized wing nuts and does not require any tools for assembly. The Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Bracket has a universal length which should give enough clearance for your mast, even if the jockey wheel is fitt…
Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Mast Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Mast
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The Jockey Wheel mast comprises of three lightweight aluminium sections which clip together to a height of 2.6 metres. The jockey wheel bracket securely attaches your mast to the caravan jockey wheel shaft. The mast will fit any of the Vision Plus Aerials and comes with three clips to secure the aerial cable down the mast. The top section has a predrilled hole to allow a guy line (not included) to…
Vision Plus Mast Extension Pole Vision Plus Mast Extension Pole
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The 900mm aerial mast extension pole is a useful additional accessory for the Vision Plus A-Frame mast or Uni-Mast. In some locations your caravan may be positioned behind a building, tree or obstacle which blocks the aerial picking up the TV signal. Should this happen it may be necessary to increase the length of your mast so your aerial has clear line of site to the transmitter. The aerial exten…
Vision Plus Pole Adaptor Vision Plus Pole Adaptor
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image pole adaptor- vision plus
Vision Plus Status 570 Aerial Vision Plus Status 570 Aerial
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The Vision Plus Status 570 aerial is the replacement for the very popular Status 550 short mast. The 570 has had several new features added to update it but the obvious change is the new shorter external case. The Status 570 incorporates a unique, integrated TV signal finder, a horizontal and vertical polarisation indicator, low profile roof assembly, Dab and FM radio reception and fixed FM radio…
Vision Plus Telecopic Mast Vision Plus Telecopic Mast
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The Vision Plus telescopic mast is a four section mast which offers an impressive opened length of 3.5 metres. The telescopic mast has a very compact folded length of only 1.1 metres, for easy storage in your caravan or motor home, but extends to a very impressive 3.5 metres. It should be noted that the telescopic mast does not come with a mounting bracket, but it is compatible with the vision plu…
Vision Plus Uni Bracket & Plate Vision Plus Uni Bracket & Plate
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The Vision Plus Uni-Bracket and Plate is designed to fit any mast with a 25mm diameter and clamp on a number of profiles on the caravan or motorhome. The flexibility in the uni bracket makes this a great way to fit your aerial and mast to your caravan or motorhome. It will clamp on to any profile between 1 and 35mm deep, so the uni bracket will fit on caravan grab handles or awning rails or even l…
Vision Plus Uni Mast Vision Plus Uni Mast
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The Vision Plus Uni-Mast uses the adjustable Uni-Bracket to clamp on to caravan grab handles, motor home ladders, or awning channels. The Uni-Bracket can clamp on to a number of different profiles from 1 to 35 millimetres deep or if there are no suitable air vents or rain gutters the Uni-Mast comes complete with a Uni-Plate which has a self-adhesive back for sticking to your caravan or motor home…
Vision Plus Uni Plate Vision Plus Uni Plate
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The Vision Plus Uni plate is a replacement part for the Uni Mast.  The uni plate comes with  the uni mast,  a popular vison plus accessory for caravans and motor homes.   The plate sticks to the side of your caravan or motorhome to allow the mast to be fitted, many customers sell their caravans with the plate still attached.  This plate allows you to fit a new plate to your new caravan without hav…
Vision Plus VP5 Amplifier & Signal Finder Vision Plus VP5 Amplifier & Signal Finder
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The Vision Plus VP5 is more than just a digital signal amplifier, it has a built in signal finder to assist in finding the strongest available TV signal. If you are lucky enough to take two TVs away with you in your caravan or motorhome, then the VP5 has two outlets allowing you to plug each one in to the antenna. The Vp5 has been designed to enhance the performance of any non-amplified directiona…
Vision Plus `A` Frame Mast Vision Plus `A` Frame Mast
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The Vision Plus A-Frame mast is compatible with all the aerials in the Image range. It comprises of three aluminium sections which when fully connected gives an overall height of 2.6 metres. The mast is attached to the caravan by way of the A-Frame bracket which fits on to the caravans chassis and can be left fitted ready to attach the mast on subsequent trips. Each of the aluminium pole sections…
VP Coaxial Radio Plug discon AA1352 VP Coaxial Radio Plug discon AA1352
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Vision plus coaxial radio plug


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