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Aerial Spares

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1 to 2 Coaxial Splitter

The vision plus coaxial splitter is a wonderful little EditProduct for the caravan, as it allows you to take one antenna input and split it into two outputs.

Multi-Mast Mounting Plate

The vision plus multi mast mounting plate is a replacement part for the multi Mast. The mounting plate comes with the multi mast, a popular vison plus accessory for caravans and motor homes.

Vision Plus Coaxial TV Plug

A coaxial plug from Vision Plus, suitable for use with caravan and standard televisions.

Vision Plus F to F Coupler

The vision plus F to F connector is used to join two F connection (as used on most satellite dishes) cables together.

Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Bracket

The Vision Plus Jockey Wheel Bracket will allow you to attach your aerial mast, satellite pole or rotary airer to the jockey wheel on the caravan.

Vision Plus Uni Bracket and Plate

The Vision Plus Uni-Bracket and Plate is designed to fit any mast with a 25mm diameter and clamp on a number of profiles on the caravan or motorhome.