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Porch Awnings

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Dorema Quattro 275 Porch Awning

The Dorema Quattro 275 porch awning offers the purchaser an excellent choice of options to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. With a choice of two popular colourways, blue and grey, or charcoal and grey, and two different frames, steel or aluminium there is something for everyone.

Dorema Safari XL Porch Awning

The Dorema Safari XL porch awning represents superb value for value for money for anyone looking for a little more space than the average porch awning without adding too much weight.

Dorema Omega De Luxe Porch Awning

Ideal for the camper who requires the very highest quality materials and construction. This versatile porch awning is produced in the super quality Ten Cate All Season material. This new material is extremely tough, completely waterproof and very easy to clean. Suitable for camping all year round or seasonal site use.

Dorema Quattro 380 Porch Awning

The Dorema Quattro 275 porch awning offers the purchaser an excellent choice of options to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for and now Dorema have introduced the larger 380 Quattro to give you more options.

Dorema Contura Air All Season Inflatable Porch Awning

The Contura is the very latest modern design for the camper who demands the simplicity of a multi valve air awning with additional space for touring use during all 4 seasons. This latest model is manufactured in the very latest TenCate European materials and projects out to 3m in depth. Available in 2 sizes, 330cm and 440cm.

Dorema Davos Porch Awning

A fantastic universal winter porch, the Davos porch awning from Dorema is ideal for use throughout the year and excels as a winter awning.

Dorema Magnum Air All Season Awning

New innovation for 2015 is provided by Dorema's successful model Magnum which will now available with inflatable tubes. The Magnum Air All Season has now been developed with the highly sustainable and durable extra strong Ten Cate canvas.

Dorema Mistral All Season Porch Awning

The New Mistral All Season from dorema is produced with the very latest TenCate materials. It is designed for the camper who wants an awning that is quick and easy to erect

Dorema Oslo Porch Awning

This universal porch awning is designed for the most ardent of winter and touring campers in mind. It’s functional design and materials lends itself ideally to all season or winter use.

Dorema Quattro 225 Porch Awning

The Dorema Quattro 225 porch awning offers the caravaner a high quality porch at superb prices.

Dorema Quattro 430 Porch Awning

Extra space for more comfort. The new Quattro 430 model from Dorema is designed and manufactured for the camper who demands extra space and comfort.

Starcamp Futura 330 Lightweight Porch Awning

New for 2015 is the Futura range of lightweight porch awnings from Dorema, with extra depth and generous headroom.